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Day 22 - Welcome to Mayberry!

Home of Andy Griffith! While Mayberry was a completely fictional place, the folks of Mount Airy, NC have taken the Moniker unto themselves! This is Andy Griffith's home town and they play it up pretty well. Although, I've got to say that most places are closed on Monday! Even the brewery was closed. I'm happy to be staying at Bee's B&B. The owner is very pleasant and the place is warm and inviting. I've enjoyed having the dogs at my feet while I eat!

The ride yesterday was very hilly! LOTS of ups and downs although it was only 30.69 miles. My legs were feeling it. I did expect a significant climb towards the end, but it never really materialized. Most of the climbs had a downhill in advance to so I could run up pretty well, but it was still a lot of climbing over a short distance. My legs were definitely feeling it.

One of the coolest things was a 100 year old farm house at the top of one of the hills. I don't think it was more than 700 sq ft of house. Pictures are below. I also had a shortened video because I forgot to change out the Gopro battery. It went out while I was flying down hill and I forgot to stop and change it at the top of the next hill.

All in all it was a good day. Good breakfast this morning at Bee's and I'm looking forward to riding through VA. I put NC behind me tomorrow and start up the Blue Ridge Parkway. I'm expecting more hills!

O yes, one more thing! I have now added to my tour the brewery visit requirement. Where before I was looking for places to stay, now I'm looking for breweries to visit and then places to stay near the brewery so I can visit! I think it will be fun, but will probably remove some of the weight loss aspects of this ride! I'm looking for fun!

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