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Day 53 - Finish in Fort Kent

Wow! What a day. What a ride. I finished my epic ride from Key West, FL to Fort Kent, ME on Saturday, June 22nd, 2019! I was very pleased and lucky to have the Fort Kent Chamber of Commerce arrange for media coverage and some riding company into town on the last mile down Rt 11. I have to admit, that the "Welcome to Fort Kent" sign left somewhat of a false impression as there were still 3 hills to climb after that sign. But the people and the town of Fort Kent couldn't have been more welcoming! THANK YOU! Please help me raise money for the Cancer Research Institute! You can donate directly to my CRI donation page here!

You'll see on the video that the day was mostly sunny with lots of clouds going overhead. That kept the heat down, but what really kept the heat down was the wind blowing directly out of the north-northwest. That was straight into my face! So not only did I have the hellacious hills of Rt 11 to contend with, I also had that wind in my face. The good people of Portage told me that while the first hill going up right out of town looked bad, the second hill - Susi Hill - was really bad. It was steep and long! But the good news was that it was covered with moose! So I might have my second moose sighting, and indeed I did! She was shy and wasn't interested in getting her picture taken so you'll have to stare at the picture below to pick her out!

Moose in Northern Maine on the way to Fort Kent

The local newspaper did a very nice write-up about my ride. Click here to see the article.

My siblings and my brother-in-law and nephew were kind enough to make the long drive up to Fort Kent to celebrate with me. Brother Richard brought some bubbly to sip at the end of the ride that I greatly appreciated.

Jason, Greg, and Kathy Alley, Robert, Kevin, and Richard Bryant

STOP STEALING MY SAMPLES! First Mile Brewery, Fort Kent, ME

The ride is done! People keep asking "What's next?". Hell, I don't know. Whatever I brew up!

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