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The Ride - Key West to Fort Kent

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

So where did this idea come from you ask? And "Are you crazy!?" I like to think not. My first thought was to through hike the Appalachian trail from Georgia to Maine. But in my advanced age and slothfulness, I thought better of that. BUT, I've been riding my bike pretty consistently my whole life. Why not bike to see the ends of Route 1 south and north? For while my begin and end points will be the ends of Route 1 I will not be using that road as my path. I'm close enough to get dropped off at the southern end and a spring ride north seems like a good thing to do! And if I'm going to do this and blog and advertise, why not do it for a good cause! Cancer research is something I fully support and feel strongly needs significant investment. Research promises to improve the medieval methods of cancer treatment we have today where the treatment is many times worse than the disease itself. Immunology holds great promise, but needs more resources and research to become the standard for cancer care. And so I found the Cancer Research Institute, one of the most highly rated cancer research charities focused on immunology research. Please help me raise money for CRI here! I have an ambitious goal of raising $100,000! Please Help!

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Great cause Bob! Fantastic that you can make such a contribution while challenging yourself in such a fun way!


I’ll have a cold one waiting for you. Or delivered to camp.

God speed and safe travels.

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