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Day 7 - Merritt Island Heaven!

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Yesterday was a good day and I made it to Cocoa. So after I get done with this blog and get ready I'll be making it to Daytona Beach to hang out with Zach and his buddies! I'm taking tomorrow off. Hopefully if Turbotax actually calls me I can get my taxes finalized!

Anyway, as expected it was a hot day. I didn't suffer as much as the day before despite another 65 mile day (64.7 to be exact). I wanted to get a couple of extra miles into today's Daytona trip so I didn't have to go so far. And once again I missed a turn. It added 3 miles to the ride but it was worth it!

I also forgot to put the Gopro on time lapse. As a result you'll get to see the road I found going up the extreme southern point of Merritt Island. It was awesome. No bike lane, but freshly paved, little traffic and the houses and views of the river were incredible. It made the last half of the ride very enjoyable. Hence Merritt Island heaven!

I also lost all my Gopro batteries as a result so it didn't take the video to the end but what the heck. I kinda like how the Gopro Quickstory app works and seeing the riding at normal speed gives you an idea of how slow I'm going!

I hope you like the view from the top of the bridge at Sebastian Inlet as well. And it was cool to go past the "potential landing site" of Ponce De Leon. Welcome to America! At least we used to say that before Trump got into office! Or not. There was a time when we Micks and Guineas weren't welcome here either. Not to mention those damned Germans!

If there's anything you'd like to see or have me do different let me know! Gotta get ready to go to Daytona! Have a great day!

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