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Day 6 - The Road got in its Licks!

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Good morning. I was tired last night so didn't update the blog. The road kicked my ass yesterday! I don't know why. The day before was so nice! 61 miles yesterday with the wind at my back, but I don't think it was blowing as hard as the day before. I also stopped early in my ride as I got lost in Stuart and the Boathouse looked like a good place to eat. I wasn't disappointed! But I still had a long way to go. And I was lost so I had to backtrack to get to Hutchinson Island and A1A which is where I wanted to ride. That probably added 6 miles to my ride. But I got a great meal! I definitely wanted to get off Route 1.

It was hard. Hot. No shade! And maybe it was all that time on Route 1 or the lack of lights on A1A on Hutchinson Island, or just the late start (1130) and heat. But whatever it was, I was glad to get off the bike yesterday! I also got up and did a short ride around Jonathan Dickinson State Park to check it out, so I probably had about 8 miles under my belt - without luggage - before the ride began. I purposely didn't take my GPS so I don't know how many it was, but when I did my "test ride" a few weeks ago to Jonathan Dickinson, the ranger mentioned the place I went to was about 4 miles from my campsite, 8 miles roundtrip!

I'm confessing I've become soft in my old age! Camping at Jonathan Dickinson was not the best and there are few trees and little shade. So getting ready was a little hot! It seems like Jonathan Dickinson had a large burn out recently. There were scorched trees everywhere and it still smelled like there was a large burn.

But last night, I enjoyed a fantastic meal at Dario in Vero Beach and slept in a soft bed at the Prestige Hotel right on the ocean! I'm going to go take a video of that today.

If I push I can be in Daytona Beach tomorrow. I may hang there for a couple of days if I do that. Google says it's 125 miles from here. I know I can make it. I question if I should want to. I'm afraid of getting burned out before I even get started. After I get out of Florida, it may become much more difficult to find places to stay on the back roads of GA and SC to get to Seneca. But I've decided I'm staying in hotels/motels for the rest of this trek unless I absolutely can't find a place to stay!

Thanks for following and keep your well wishes coming!

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