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Day 49 - Carrying on to Dover Foxcroft

Yesterday was a beautiful day for a ride from Hartland to Dover Foxcroft. I had a little difficulty getting started as with a week off my routine was a little broken. That plus the fact that I lost power and thus, my internet connection. With my cell phone useless - never get Tmobile if you want connectivity anywhere - and my landline connected via internet, I couldn't let brother Kevin know that I was leaving my bags for him to carry. It was good to have a day on my legs without bags, but now the long slog up Route 11 will commence. That plus after several days of a cold settling into my head and lungs I needed to have a little less impact on my respiratory system. I'm still hacking up and blowing out the left overs so my breathing isn't quite what it could be. But at least it's draining now and I'm sure I'll be 100% in the next day or so. I better be with the hills coming up on Rt 11.

The ride was OK although Rt 23 out of Dexter is rough. And coming into Dexter I chose to take "the back way" that landed me on some dirt roads. You can see them in my video. On both patches of road, I couldn't let the downhills "run" because of how rough they were. No sense taking the chance of wiping out in the middle of nowhere. I hate to ride the brakes and lose that momentum.

I got to see the closed pizza place where the moose visited and I'll put that in my video for tomorrow as I will use it as my starting point. I'm hoping to see some moose as I ride up route 11. It wouldn't surprise me if I get to see some other wildlife as well.

The Bissell Brewery from Portland opened up a remote outpost in Milo. I understand the owners are originally from Milo so wanted to provide some economic return to the town. If it's open I intend to stop for a sampler. However, it's only 15 miles into my 45 mile ride today, so I'll have to be careful with it!

The video below starts with the lake and ends with Kevin dropping my bags off in Dover Foxcroft. We timed it quite well as he was only waiting a few minutes as I passed him on Main St. in Dover Foxcroft on my way to the Freedom House B&B. Can't say enough about this place. It's another beautiful B&B and the hosts are very accommodating.

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