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Day 48 - At Home in Hartland

Yesterday was absolutely a spectacular day for a bike ride here in the heart of Maine. The 32 miles to Hartland, mostly on route 23, were a pleasure. Some of the route was on freshly paved roads that is always an extra treat. That's especially true in the Northeast where roads break down quickly due to harsh winters. It's good to be home. I won't be riding or blogging for the next week. I've got my brewer's retreat in Boothbay Harbor for the next several days then I plan on spending a couple of days on the lake with my friend Aman. I've got to get the docks and the boats in the water. I was also planning on finishing on the 19th, but I was advised it would be better to finish on a weekend. So I'm planning on restarting my push north to Fort Kent on 6/18 so I can finish Saturday 6/22 in Fort Kent.

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