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Day 46 - Homeys in Hallowell

It turned into a beautiful day for riding yesterday and I had a lot of people greet me in and along the way to Hallowell. The rain came overnight and when I woke up in Freeport it was still raining. After a stellar breakfast at the Harraseeket, I got packed, dressed and ready to go. Of course, I couldn't leave Freeport without a picture of "the boot" and started the video in front of the LL Bean store. The one store I know that's truly open 24/7/365. Even Walmarts have a tendency to close now and then.

The Boot

John Balicki, the pastor at my mother's church joined me from Brunswick to Bowdoinham. He rode about 10 miles as he had to get back to get some chores done. I met him after taking pictures of the Joshua Chamberlain statue at Bowdoin College.

Former President and Professor at Bowdoin. Hero of Little Round Top. Governor of Maine

We had a good conversation and those 10 miles went very quickly. Google then chose to put me on dirt roads again. Because of the rain they were a little slippery and slow. I was glad to get off the on again - off again pavement road in Richmond as I rode into Gardiner.

Hallowell was up next and I had a great time. I was able to meet up with Phil and Ellen Hendricks as well as Jennifer McGowan, all old time home town friends from Pittsfield, ME. My sister and her family were also in town for her granddaughter's softball game. So they came by the Cushnoc Brewery in Augusta for beers and pizza. I was surprised at how close Hallowell is to Augusta! We mad a quick trip to the Quarry in Hallowell after that as we watched the Bruins get beat up and beaten in game 5 of the Stanley Cup. They should start taking the head shots that the Blues are getting away with on every play. Let's hope they can bring it back to Boston for the final game!

I have a short ride to Waterville today to stay with my mother. She's lined up a newspaper reporter who wants to take my picture. That should be interesting.

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