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Day 45 - Fleeting into Freeport

After a great ride into Portland, I got a much needed day of rest with Steve and Leslie. Thanks guys! I appreciate it.

It was very cool. Steve and I went to the Millbrook Preserve in Westbrook to see if the alewives were running their way up to Highland Lake to spawn. While we didn't get to see any jumping or thrashing this time, they were certainly pooling about 6 miles from the Atlantic Ocean. So they had made it up that far at least. I made this live video on Facebook:

Then we went to visit a couple more breweries, including a meadery all of which I thoroughly enjoyed! Portland is definitely brewery heaven. Steve quoted a statistic that Portland is now the #1 brewery location in the country at 18 breweries per every 50000 people. Asheville, NC is #2 at 17 per 50000 people. I'm hoping all those breweries are able to maintain profitability and keep going. It's awesome. Maine also supports the local distilleries. While we went past several, we didn't partake, focusing on beer and making sure Steve could drive us home responsibly.

That evening we got to go to dinner with Robert Cianchette and Forest Peterson. We had a great time at a sushi dinner and I have to thank Robert for picking up the check for me. It was great to see you all!

Yesterday's ride into Freeport was short and uneventful! I was glad I got out after the rain and got in before the rain. I had a great lunch at the Broken Arrow here at the Harraseeket Inn. This place is a great place to stay in Freeport if you come to visit. I felt tired and took a nice nap that refreshed well. It almost kept me from shopping as most of the stores close at 6 or 7. But I was able to get some new flip flops at the Walking Store and a new raincoat at the LL Bean outlet store.

On to Hallowell today and hoping to see Phil and Ellen Hendricks this afternoon at the local brewery there.

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