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Day 43 - T'was a lad from Florida nation

T'was a lad from Florida nation

Who retired with all elation.

He jumped on his bike

then pedaled with all his might.

And found himself in the Land of Vacation!

I've made it to Maine! What a beautiful spot it was when I crossed the border from NH to ME on the Salmon Falls River! This is the Salmon Falls River Reservoir.

Salmon Falls River Reservoir

Yesterday's ride was another long one at 52.68 miles! It had it's ups and downs at a total of 2631 ft of elevation gain. It was a gloomy, cloudy, cold day and I started in the fog. I didn't like that much due to visibility, but it turned out alright. I started with my jacket, but finished without it. I was some glad to make it to Limerick, ME. After 50+ miles for 3 straight days and this being my 7th in a row, I'm getting a little tired. Limerick is at the top of a hill so I had to push up that final climb to make it into town.

As I was coming up the road in Maine, I passed by a car on the side of the road next to some sand pits. I then heard the reverberation of a handgun or rifle being shot. I knew I was back in Maine for sure at that point! Because of the quickness and sound of the shot I think they were shooting handguns.

My mother also called me while on the road and when I told her where I was staying she said she knew the innkeeper and was good friends with her deceased mother. I related that when I got here and had a wonderful dinner with Kyle, the innkeeper, and her husband.

The Jeremy Mason house was built in 1859 and is a beautiful brick building in the middle of town! Highly recommended to everyone who needs a place to stay in Limerick, ME.

Portland today with Steve Champagne joining me! I'm looking forward to it and will stay with Steve for tonight and tomorrow so I can get a rest and visit with Robert Cianchette and enjoy Portland for a bit! It's been a while since I've been there. I have my next night's stay set up at the Harraseeket Inn in Freeport and I will probably go on a spending spree there as it's only 20 miles so I'll be there early. Winthrop, Waterville, then Hartland are after that. I'm looking forward to making it to the lake on the 8th.

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