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Day 36 - Navigating into Newburgh

Another beautiful day for riding through the woods into Newburgh, NY. This is my last full day of riding in NY. I've altered my route, so now I'm going into CT next! That means I'll have a total of 13 states that I travel through on this trip - FL, GA, SC, NC, VA, WV, MD, PA NY, CT, MA, NH and ME! Once again Google put me on back roads that I would have never found myself. No dirt roads this time, however. And no spooky under highway pedestrian tunnels either!

The ride yesterday was pretty easy. It had some uphill to begin then was mostly downhill into Newburgh. At the end I was surprised to find some uphill because I was expecting to be riding into the Hudson River Valley! O well. Tomorrow's ride crosses the Hudson on the I-84 Newburgh-Beacon bridge. I went across last night in my search for breweries. I expect I'll be going across again today. I found out that Newburgh isn't a very nice place while Beacon has had some serious gentrification. I'm looking forward to checking it out after I get my places to stay booked for the next few days!

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