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Day 35 - Pushing into Port Jervis

Yesterday was a typical day, although I felt a little out of sorts. Perhaps it was because of the climbing the previous day or the hair raising descents on wet roads holding tightly onto my brake levers. Whatever the reason, it seemed a little challenging. But fortunately it was short! Only 36.75 miles. I'm going to have a similar day today going to Newburgh, NY. I've tried to map out shorter routes going forward. I like leaving late or getting in early and having some time to explore!

I spent my last day in PA driving up the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. It was a nice ride. No mountains like the Blue Ridge Parkway, but the road was similar with a whole lot more traffic. It followed the Delaware River South to North. And the old Indian trails from the beginnings of time. One of the history markers indicated an old trail that the Indians used to get between the Delaware and Susquehanna rivers. I thought to myself "I've been there!" as I read the sign. There were some opportunities to check out water falls along the way, but I stayed the course and pushed to Port Jervis.

Coming into Port Jervis, I'm always impressed (and sometimes pissed) about the routes that Google knows how to take. Fortunately, she got me off the main road of 209, but also landed me in some areas I wasn't sure I was comfortable with. One of those was a small narrow walkway under the highway. It reminded me of scenes in movies like "The Warriors". I was concerned I was going to start hearing bottles clacking and someone chanting "Bobby, come out to play....."! Well, it was a bit dark and a bit wet, but I made it through, across the Delaware River into Port Jervis, and to the Hotel Erie. The hotel is 294 feet away from the Fox N Hare Brewing company where I had some good beer and spent grain biscuits. They were both wonderful. I then came back to the Erie for dinner and they had Fiddleheads IPA on tap from the Fiddlehead brewery in Vermont. Awesome.

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