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Day 33 - And I'm Stopping here in Allentown

Well... It was another beautiful day for a ride yesterday. Temps were cool, but not too cold and the sun was shining bright! I made the 43.94 mile trip in 4:02. There was quite a bit of down, but quite a bit of up as well! I had 2192 ft of elevation gain and 2280 ft of elevation loss. I'm not sure where Google gets its numbers from as it expected about 1600 up and 1800 down. I had suspected that Google's numbers were off from what Garmin was feeding me, but I had never checked before.

I made it without another flat tire, but once I got here, I found my tire was slack - again. Fortunately, there's a Trek store not far from here so I'm going in to buy tubes and a new tire. I don't know what's causing the flats, but there's got to be an issue with the tire. I can't find anything inside the tire that would cause "the rub" however so I think it's better off just to get a new tire. I don't want to continue to have this problem.

I found a new place yesterday - Indiantown Gap, PA. It's home to the National Guard training center. I was wondering what that Chinook Helicopter was flying around for. Google, of course, took me straight through the base, but fortunately, no one gave me a hard time. Although, at the end of it, the gate was closed so I had to go around. Good thing it wasn't guarded.

Google did the same thing to me as I went through an industrial park and Nestle Way. They took me down a road that ended at a large warehouse with gates, but there was a short road out of the industrial park where the gate was closed. Fortunately, not guarded again and being on a bike I went around, but I'm not sure where they're getting their info from.

Those of you on Facebook and Instagram saw that I also stopped at Dietrich Meats for water. I also got and ice cream and some samples of their sausage. O MY GOD! The smells in the place were phenomenal! Plus, outside their sausages, etc. their meats looked awesome. If I lived near here I'd get all my meats from this place. Someone walked out with 2 huge bundles of meat. There was probably enough to feed a family for 6 months!

Today I'm headed to the Stonybrook B&B in Minisink Hills, PA. It's about 44 miles up the road. Thunderstorms started this morning. But it looks like I'll miss them because of the Trek store stop - it doesn't open until 10 and maybe I'll get into the B&B before they start up again this afternoon.

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