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Day 3 - Welcome to Miami

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Check the video on Facebook. Until I get this figured out I‘ll have to post pictures to my blog! O well! Today was a 60 mile day - but only because I got lost in South Beach and had to backtrack a couple of miles! I promise it had nothing to do with the beautiful women walking around!

Coming up Rt 1 from Key Largo wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. The shoulder was pretty wide. And with the wind at my back I was able to push along at 16, 17, and even 18 mph! Had to stop at Starbucks in Florida City for fueling. Alexa loves that I do that. Amazing that we stopped there Sat on the way down. It was a normal Starbucks. Today it was torn apart and they were serving a limited menu from a trailer! They had it all hooked up with sewer etc. Pretty impressive really.

Then I rode the busway all the way to Miami! Thank god! No traffic only buses! What a godsend. And it was QUIET! Can’t tell you how loud it is on the highway. I wear no headphones or earplugs. I like to hear what’s going on around me! But my god it’s loud. I read where traffic noise impacts the ability of animals to hear both their prey and their predators making both susceptible to untimely deaths! After 3 days on the Overseas Highway I can believe it! Of course I also saw my fill of dead possums and raccoons, but mostly Iguanas! Good riddance to them!

Fortunately they had a bike path that took me all the way to the center of Miami. It was a little rough and some neighborhoods were a little sketchy but so much better than being in the road!

Then I had to navigate the streets to 15th St for the crossing to Miami Beach. A little dicey but I owned the lane! And hit the sidewalk when I was a little less courageous!

I was worried about this ride last night as my legs felt like lead! But I think due to Andrea’s (I still translate to Andi) reminder to ensure recovery with chocolate milk helped me out. Today I found Nesquick high protein chocolate milk and had 2 bottles.

Finally I’m eating Italian at Cantina 27 on South Beach. Awesome meal. Linguine Pescatore. Shrimp mussels clams and calamari in spicy marinara with a bottle of Brunello do Montalcino. A fine ending to a good day.

Weather channel just popped up to tell me it should be cooler tomorrow. That typically means winds out of the North and West. Only about 45 miles to home but it will all be into the wind! I’ll be sleeping in my own bed tomorrow night and taking Thursday off. Gotta get my taxes done! Let’s hope I don’t get rained on on the way home!

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