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Day 25 - Landing In Lexington

Virginia that is. Yesterday was a difficult day just because of my extended brewery tours in Roanoke! I enjoyed myself, but I paid for it yesterday. Need to eat earlier in the brewery tours, no doubt about that. If you've never been to Roanoke, I recommend it. It's quite an interesting town. I loved staying at the Hotel Roanoke and visiting the breweries that ranged from a small 60 gallon system to much larger systems and a brewpub. It was a lot of fun, the food was good and the beer was better.

But I made it to Lexington, regardless. Fortunately there was a lot of downhill yesterday and just enough uphill to make it annoying. The trip from Roanoke to Lexington was definitely DOWN into the Shenandoah Valley. All that downhill was a lot of fun as I was able to do 20 - 25 mph and average 11.7 mph despite the long slow climbs and the fact that I was pushing nothing due to my brewery tours!

I also had to get new clips for my sandals again! I was very surprised that the short time from Mount Airy to Roanoke wore them down. Fortunately there was a bike shop just past Stonewall Jackson's Memorial Cemetery as I came into town. I was also out of water again. I need to get better at making certain I have enough water. Yesterday was not fun when I ran out. But I kept pedaling dammit and made it to Lexington. I only used 3 bottles of water over 52 miles. That's not nearly enough. I like to use 1 bottle for every 10 miles.

Lexington is also home to Virginia Military Institute or VMI and the Washington and Lee University. VMI was founded in 1839 while Washington and Lee was founded in 1749. Lexington has quite a history with these two fine schools as well as a Southern hero of the Civil War who lived and was buried in town. Robert E Lee also served as President of Washington and Lee after the Civil War. The college was renamed after his death to include his name along with Washington their first benefactor.

I'm looking forward to following the Shenandoah Valley and seeing the historical plaques along the way. You'll see I've run into a couple already along the way on the video!

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