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Day 24 - Riding into Roanoke!

WHOA! What a ride! This was amazing. Although Google took me off the Blue Ridge Parkway WAY too early, it was an amazing ride. I rode up US Route 221 in VA into Roanoke. That included some climbing, but also, a 3 mile 8% downhill ride toward the end of the ride. I owned the road and kept the cars behind me because with all the switchbacks, etc, I was doing 30 - 40 mph. They couldn't go any further. It does answer my question from yesterday when I climbed up to the Blue Ridge Parkway of how long that climb was. It had to match that 3 mile downhill from today. But it was on a VA back road. I think it was Route 614. Anyway, that was yesterday.

Today was fantastic. It only took me 3 1/2 hours to do the 40 miles into Roanoke. Obviously much of that was downhill, including that 3 mile run. WOW. My average was over 11 mph, so it shows a big difference between today and yesterday when I averaged only 8.3 mph.

I'm blogging this afternoon because I got in so early and I plan on visiting some Roanoke breweries. I also want to get out early tomorrow because I think it's going to be raining in the afternoon although the Weather Channel is somewhat ambiguous. It says it's definitely going to rain, but then it's scattered thunderstorms. Who know. I guess I'll find out tomorrow. 52 miles tomorrow to Lexington, VA down the Shenandoah Valley. I expect to have to climb out of Roanoke, but then hopefully it'll flatten out. Although Google says it's 2165 feet up and 2106 feet down. At least it doesn't look like there are any major climbs!

Going to check out some breweries in Roanoke!

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