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Day 21 - Yellow into Yadkinville

Day 21 was a long day. 60.89 miles from Hickory, NC to Yadkinville, NC. And it rained. But because of my day off and I think because I had pasta the night before for dinner, my legs felt good and I felt good. So the 60.89 miles went by quickly. AND there were a LOT of hills according to my Garmin I climbed 3130 feet and averaged 11.4 mph. That's the fastest average I've been able to do through the hills! So I must have been feeling good.

Why is it Yellow into Yadkinville you ask? Well, due to the rain I got my raincoat out and wore it for a good part of the ride. The raincoat is Yellow. I started out with just a drizzle, but it wasn't long before I was putting my raincoat on and it came down with pretty good consistency. Goretex is supposed to keep you dry and allow breathability, but you know you're sweating when the liquid builds up in your sleeves and pours out when you lift your arm. It's cold too! But the day wasn't cold. It was probably in the 70's and it was pretty comfortable all in all.

About halfway the sun came out again and I took off the raincoat and tied it to the bike. Then, when I was about 8 miles from Yadkinville, a brief shower came up again. I was lucky as I was out of water and there was a truck stop/gas station that offered some shelter and water! I've got to get better at getting water! But it seems like the gas stations are available early in the ride when the bottles are full and at the end of the ride after I've taken too long to get water! There are some serious back roads that Google is putting me on. Once again the map put me on dirt roads. The first one I passed up and I had to take a hard look at the second one, but it was the end of the ride and got me to where I wanted to go. The last time Google did that it was a dead end and I had to backtrack! O well, what's and adventure without a few twists and turns!

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