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Day 2 is under my shoe!

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Today was a little long! 57.9 miles to be exact! But it was good! Although Karim wasn’t there to tell me to put sun screen on my face so I think I’m a little burned! I had chocolate milk at the end for my recovery drink - needed it - thanks for reminding me Andrea! If you watch the video on facebook you’ll see some sidewalk riding - Marathon and some broken pavement - Cudjoe Key - and a pretty narrow spot at the beginning of Key Largo! Kinda dangerous for bicycle riders! Sidewalk is no fun - up down up down. Not like when I used to jump off those humps with the banana seat bike with the ram handlebars! But I made it. I sure wish bicycle lanes were a priority and part of all road construction. We just don’t have a bike culture in the states!

Lots more trucks today. Drivers must be back to work after spending yesterday with their families (I hope).

Anyway im looking forward to getting back to the mainland tomorrow. However, that first 20 miles to Florida City is a little narrow. Bike lane, yes, but not very wide with no place to escape. Tomorrow night I’ll be hanging with the Kardashians on Miami Beach!

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Very cool, I may have to sign into Facebook just to watch the video.

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