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Day 13 - Rolling into Metter

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

I'm very pleased to say that I made it to Metter, GA today after 65 miles of cycling. 65.38 to be exact. Am I glad to put Jesup behind me. It was a little long today but it will be shorter tomorrow as I'm scheduled to go to Louisville, GA tomorrow. Google says it's about 52 - 55 miles away depending upon the route. I'll be taking the 52 mile route despite that Google says it will take longer. I suspect because there are more "rolls" in the shorter route.

What are the "rolls" you ask? Well, until today, I've been riding on pretty flat roads. Not too much up or down. Today, for the first time I got into the "rolls". A little up, a little down, more up then up then down then up. You get the idea. The ride showed I went up about 200 ft altogether in sea level. I expect from here on in, this will be the standard. It's a completely different feel on the legs and I'm going to have to get used to it. I do enjoy it, however. Riding in FL is pretty consistently flat outside of the few bridges, overpasses, or causeways available. The Trek has a triple on front and 9 gears on back, so I have a very wide range of gears to use. Even when pushing 100 lbs up the rolls I can downshift pretty well if I want and spin to get up the hill. Of course, on the downhills you're pushing hard to gain momentum to make it as far up the other side as you can! However, I'm trying to strengthen my legs in preparation for the really big hills I know are coming after I get my rest at Seneca, SC. So I'm pushing a little bigger gear every now and then and standing on the pedals to push over the rolls. I expect these rolls will get bigger between here and Seneca as well!

There were no wildlife sightings today unfortunately. However, I am in tornado central although for all the media coverage this storm looks pretty damned unremarkable! I think it did it's thing going through the southern states. I feel bad for the people who experienced the tornados!

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