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Day 10 - Amelia Island Flats!

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Yesterday was an interesting day in the ride. I made it from St. Augustine to Amelia Island. It was another beautiful day and beautiful ride! It was my last full day in Florida! I will be hitting the GA border today!

First, I got started late. Then I had 2 flats! One caused by the road, one caused by me from fixing the flat! Getting that damned tire back on the rim is not easy! I guess I moved the spoke hole covering a little that blew the tube into the spoke hole and flatted. Fortunately I was right in front of a bike store when I discovered the second flat and had them fix it. I also needed a couple of tubes for my foray into the wild over the next 7 - 10 days. So I was getting into Amelia Island late. It was getting a little dark. But the ride up A1A was spectacular. I'm trying to do my movie in iMovie as my phone is full and Gopro doesn't like that. As a result it will take me a little longer to get it done. All new stuff to me! But I'm enjoying learning as I go.

I have 350 miles left to get to Seneca, SC by the 22nd. If my 50 miles/day holds I should be able to do it in 7 days. I was thinking I'd take breaks, but I'm not sure. It depends if my body holds out. The new seat has needed getting used to although it's better than the old one. However, any change like that means the body has to adjust.

Now is where the going is going to get a little more interesting. I'm moving out of tourist land (FL) into the back roads of GA. I promise I won't stop to listen to any guitar/banjo duets! But that also means the availability of water, food, and sleeping quarters is going to be more scarce. I'll have to pick up my particulars as I go! And I suspect there will be dead spots for the phone making it a little more challenging to find those necessities. What's an adventure like without a little challenge thrown in. One would think pushing a 100 lb bike 50 miles a day would be enough challenge! Whatever did we do before Steve Jobs invented these incredible devices 11 years ago?

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Thanks for the great stories. Please, please stay safe. Love ya..

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