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Day 26 - Staying in Staunton ("Stanton")

I was thinking I was riding into Staunton, VA yesterday, but it's pronounced by the locals "Stanton". It's a weather day today on the East Coast with the rain arriving yesterday. So I had to get up and get going to beat the weather. Because it was a short day - only 35 miles - I was able to make it with no problem. I did get some spitting rain here and there but not too bad. Because of the weather I chose to stay here at the Frederick House today rather than be miserable riding in the rain. And it is raining. Not heavily, but one of those slow, constant, cold rains that only serves to get everything wet and miserable. It's all good for the plants though.

My next ride is also very short. The breweries are making things short! Not really, as the following day is 44 miles then I have a couple of long days of 50 and 60+ miles to make up for the short days. That will get me to Gettysburg. I'm enjoying my brewery tours very much, however. The beer is good and the stories about how they got started are great!

I have to remark on how awesome this place is as well as the last couple of B&B's I've stayed at. The Stonewall in Floyd, the Hotel Roanoke, and the Sheridan Livery as well as the Frederick House are all great places to stay! I think I like this one the best to date. All the people are very friendly and helpful. The food is great and as I mentioned the beer is great too! Some of them have significant historical importance for their towns as well! For example, the place I'm staying in was built in 1810 and has seen many of the Mary Baldwin University alumni come through town.

Today's video captures some time on the bike that's not time lapsed. I must have forgotten to turn on the time lapse. I kinda like it as it gives you and idea of how slowly I'm going up these hills! And by the way, the Shenandoah Valley is NOT FLAT! There are plenty of uphills I have to get over. I've found that nowhere is as flat as Florida!

One of the many historical markers along Route 11 in VA

Of course, I'm also stopping at every historical marker along the way. Yesterday, I was introduced to Sam Houston's place of birth. For those of you who don't know Sam, he was instrumental in the Texas war of independence before Texas became part of the US. Sam was able to avenge the massacre at the Alamo by shellacking Santa Ana at the battle of San Jacinto. He then served president of Texas and then

Governor and Senator for the state of Texas. But he was born in VA and made it to Texas by way of Tennessee. And now you know the background of the name of Houston, TX as well!

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