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Day 8 - Daytona bound!

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

And I made it! A few more miles than I thought, but they were OK miles. Made it to Zach's place and I'm now sitting on the couch with him and one of his roommates (Cody) as they wrestle with some programming problem they have due for tomorrow! Gotta love the college procrastination!

Anyway, the ride was from Cocoa to Daytona. Route 1 the whole way. I could have gotten back on Merritt Island or I could have gotten on A1A again, but that would have added significant miles to the ride. 65.86 was plenty. Only time I got off Route 1 was when I turned on Bellevue at the end to make it to Zach's place just off Clyde Morris Blvd close to Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. He and his roommates (he has 3) are seniors, although they won't be graduating this year. I don't know an engineering program that allows for graduation in 4 years. They're all doing some kind of engineering, mechanical or aerospace.

I stopped at a little place on Route 1 called Tailgatorz in Edgewater. It was great and when the owner - a cancer survivor - found out that I was riding from Key West to Maine to raise money for cancer research she bought me a free lunch! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! And congratulations!

Got into a little rain on the way here, but not too much. Big thunderstorms going through now. I'm hoping that it means a cold front with cooler weather going forward. It's just been too damned hot and humid! Tomorrow is a rest day. I'm having issues building my video, so I'll get that whenever it's ready! Beyond that it looks like the next 2 stops are St Augustine and Amelia Island. I'm looking forward to them. Beyond that the road gets much more rural!

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