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Day 39 - Comfy in Cumworth Farm

Cumworth Farm was the B&B I stayed in the night before last. I was very pleased to be there at the end of the day. I had just climbed a very large hill and come done a very large hill on gravel. It was a little unnerving. You can see in the video. I had my breaks crushed during that whole descent. Fortunately, I made it as I was not feeling well and was worried I was getting sick. I was as you will see below.

Dalton, MA Haunted or Not?

John, the owner of the B&B was kind enough to cook me dinner - rare for a B&B, but we had worked it out a couple of days earlier. What a spectacular cook! Chicken parm with pasta, steamed asparagus, and an amazing salad. I couldn't make it through everything he cooked. I'm hoping he enjoyed the leftovers. Cumworth Farm is a pre-revolutionary war house with the original floor still in tact. It was named Cumworth because it straddled both Cumminton and Worthington townships.

Pre-revolutionary Floor in Cumworth Farm! How many people have walked here and who?

Anyway, I found myself not feeling at all well. I felt I must be dehydrated and so began to drink A LOT of water. And I added in my electrolytes for flavor and to ensure I retained what I drank and didn't flush the electrolytes from my body. I went to bed early - about 7 and woke up at 10 with sweats and chills and having to pee. After going to the bathroom, I went to go back to sleep and couldn't. I had chills that just would not stop. These were the type of chills that shake your whole body! I hemmed and hawed for about an hour, but finally, I couldn't handle it, so I called 911. The first on the scene was the Cummington Chief of Police and some Cummington first responders. He checked me out and figured I wasn't dying as we waited for the ambulance. Fortunately, John slept through this whole thing as we were in the front of the house and he was in the back.

Long story short, once the ambulance got there and checked me out everything was OK, except I had a fever of 104! I haven't had a fever that high since I was a kid! They took me to the hospital - 1/2 hour away - fed me fluids, gave me tylenol, and lo and behold my temp went back down to 98.1. With all the tests, they found white blood cells in my urine indicating that I may have a Urinary Tract Infection. The EMT said on the way to the hospital that that was what he suspected as riding my bicycle all this time keeps it wet, moist, and tight down there!

I ended up with an initial dose of antibiotics and and a script for the remainder, a $70 cab fare back to Cumworth Farm, and sleeping the rest of the night in comfort - from 430 till 730. Of course, I'm looking forward to the medical bills to come. When I told John over the amazing breakfast he made - again I couldn't eat it all - he was very concerned that I was going to ride on. But I had obligations and needed to make my way to I got packed up and headed to Northfield, MA. Fortunately, it was short (only 42 miles) and mostly downhill after an initial uphill. It was a lot of fun! But that's for another post.

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