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Day 5 - This ain’t no Jive!

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Beautiful day today! Wind out of the Southeast so it was a great - and fast ride. Loved stopping at Cucina in West Palm Beach for pizza and beer. Food there is great! The ride to WPB is absolutely beautiful! The video on Facebook doesn’t do it justice. Lots of time looking at the ocean. And even got to ride past Mara Largo! I waved to Donny boy and Melania as I rode by.

I’m somewhat taken by all the palm trees. It will be interesting to see when they start to disappear as I go north. Already don’t see as many dead Iguanas in the road. Lake Ocochobee is the line where cold fronts stop making their way south in spring, summer, and fall. I expect it will start to get cooler. I’ve already checked temps and the difference is several degrees as I go up the state! Anyway, I'm tired and going to bed.

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