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Day 34 - Mountain Biking into Minisink

Updated: May 25, 2019

Google took me mountain biking yesterday. Literally! As I was going along my route, she said "Take a right". I tried, but ran into mud, so I went back to the road. The bike path she tried to take me on was parallel to the road and a bit further I saw someone down below biking on pavement. So, I figured I'd give it a try! What a mistake! It was paved for probably about 3 of the 5 miles I had to take the path. Then turned to gravel, then to washed out gravel - uphill. Pushing the bike because of inability to gain any purchase in the washed out gravel was no fun, but I got it done.

The good news was that I didn't have a flat tire! That's because I stopped into the Trek store in Allentown and got a new rear tire. I'm not sure what was causing the tubes to get holes as I could see nothing wrong with the tire. But after 3 days of dealing with flats I had had enough! THANKS Trek Bicycle Allentown! They also took a picture of me in the store that you can see on facebook! Look them up! They were super helpful!

There were a couple of good climbs at the end of the ride and a couple of good downhills. The first climb was up 9% for 2 miles. I know because that's what the truck downhill said when I got to the top of the climb. On the other side of the hill was a downhill of 13% for 2 miles. I didn't make that all the way as Google took me to the other climb, not as big, but the downhill was just as long and just as steep, but on a bad road. It didn't matter as it was raining by this point and I rode my brakes pretty hard not to wipe out!

Stayed at the Stony Brook Inn in Shawnee on Delaware. I'm in the Delaware Water Gap in towns frequented by AT hikers. You may have seen the picture of the AT sign on Instagram. Compass points are backwards, but it is MAINE to GEORGIA! :) I'm out of PA today, crossing into NY into the town of Port Jervis, NY. I'll be following the PA-NJ line north to the Erie Hotel in Port Jervis, NY. 37 miles today with what looks some short steep hills, but not too much climbing - according to Google. Not that I trust Google at this point!

And having problems with my video today, so posting pictures. I'm late and I gotta get going! Damned Gopro Quik is great - when it works!

I decided to add the video even though the last section didn't work. O well. I think it had something to do with the SD card being nearly full on the camera. I put a new SD card in yesterday! We'll see what happens with the ride into Port Jervis!

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